September 24, 2005

Last Call for Abstracts

Wednesday October 26th, 2005
UNC Friday Center
Chapel Hill, NC

Free communications are solicited. Presentations will either be in the form of a poster or a 15 minute talk. Awards will be given for talks and posters for students, first year post-docs and technicians. Abstracts (250-300 words long) should be prepared according to the following instructions and must be received by October 5, 2005. Please indicate your preference for poster or platform presentation in your email submission.
  1. Title should be capitalized and followed with author’s names and complete addresses (affiliations). Superscripts [in brackets below] may be used to designate different affiliations. Presenter’s name should be underlined, e.g.,
    MUTATION RATES, J. Billings[1] and B. Montana[2]
    [1] EPA, MD 68 RTP, NC 27711 and [2] NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27709

  2. Skip one line, do not indent, and continue with paragraph of test describing the hypothesis being addressed and the results obtained. Do not exceed the 300 words limit for the abstract.
  3. Send original abstract via email as a MS Word or WordPerfect file to:
Dr. Les Recio
Integrated Laboratory Systems
RTP, NC 27709
Abstracts must be received by October 5, 2005. Indicate your preference for poster or presentation. Notification of acceptance of the abstract will be sent to the presenting author by October 12, 2005. Abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting will be distributed to all attendees.